2-Way Leaf Switch Joystick

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Wico 2-Way Leaf Joystick

From their catalog: WICO 2-Position Metal Joystick Assembly Solid steel construction, almost indestructible. Special insert molded process Control Knob cannot be removed. Reliable molded leaf type switches or Micro Switches are available. Easy Installation, mounts to underside of control panel with four screws (not included). Knob and shaft are swcured by e-ring. Replacement for Defender (Upright) Ref. No. 20-9254

  • Games used on
    • Defender
    • Stargate
    • Joust
    • Joust II
    • Moon Patrol
    • Varkon
    • Ice Cold Beer (Taito)
    • Zeke's Peak (Taito)