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This page will provides information on how to identify the differences between the different Williams cabinets. Detailed information on each cabinet will be on it's specific page.

Williams primarily used two widths for it's cabinets. The later ones were slightly narrower.

Williams Arcade - Standard Cabinet Widths
Type Total Width Control Panel Width Control Panel Length
Wide 26" 24.375"(24 3/8") 15.25" (15 1/4")
Narrow 24.5" 22.875"(22 7/8") 15.25" (15 1/4")

Game Widths
Game Width Type
Make Trax Wide
Defender Wide
Stargate Wide
Joust Wide
Robotron Wide
Splat Wide
Inferno Wide
Moon Patrol Narrow
Bubbles Narrow
Sinistar Narrow
Blaster (Wood - Per Joe Mageria) Narrow

Williams Arcade - Marquee Dimensions
Type Width Height
Wide 24.375" (24 3/8") 7.75" (7 1/2")
Narrow 22.875" (22 7/8") 7.75" (7 1/2")

The height can vary from 7 1/4" to 7 3/4". The brackets can take up difference typically.

Williams Arcade - Bezel Dimensions
Type Width Height
Wide 24.375" (24 3/8") TBD" (TBD")
Narrow 22.875" (22 7/8") 22.0" (22")

Joust - Moon Patrol: While both have the same cabinet profiles, Moon Patrol uses the narrow cabinet and Joust the Wide.

Williams Cabinet Profiles.gif
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Board Numbers

Game MPU ROM Sound IO Speech Power_Supply Heat_Sink Speaker_Plate MPU_Plate
Defender (Early) D-8356 D-8121 C-8353 N/A N/A
Defender (Later) R-8570 D8572-3001 D-8224-3001 C-8573 N/A D-8359 N/A
Stargate R-8731 D-8730 D-8224-3001 C-8783 N/A D-8359 N/A
Robotron R-8731 D-9144-3005 D-8224-3005 C-8783 N/A D-8784 C-8809 D-9220
Joust R-8731 D-9144-3006 D-8224-3006 C-8783 N/A D-8784 C-8809 D-8824
Bubbles R-9663 D-9144-3012 D-8224-3012 C-8783 N/A D-8784 C-8809 D-8824
Sinistar R-8731 D-9176-3004 D-8224-3004 D-9191 C-8228-3004 D-8784 C-8809
Splat R-8731 D-9144-3011 D-8224-3011 C-8783 N/A D-8784 C-8809