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Below you will find information on the Sound ROM's used on the early Williams Games

Williams Sound ROM Information
Game ROM Number Type EPROM Size(Bits) Layout Notes/Comments
Defender Video Sound ROM 1 2716 16K 2K x 8
Stargate Video Sound ROM 2 2716 16K 2K x 8
Robotron Video Sound ROM 3 2532 32K 4K x 8
Joust Video Sound ROM 4 2532 32K 4K x 8
Bubbles Video Sound ROM 5 2532 32K 4K x 8
Sinistar Video Sound ROM 9 2532 32K 4K x 8 Upright and Front Sound Board on Cockpit
Sinistar Video Sound ROM 10 2532 32K 4K x 8 Rear Sound Board on Cockpit
Blaster Video Sound ROM 18 2532 32K 4K x 8 Uses 2 sound boards - both same ROM